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I am looking for opportunities!

My name is Karl Hennermann, I am an expert in geospatial IT, and I am looking for a senior role in the geospatial or IT industry.

I have more than 10 years professional experience in GIS and geospatial IT, plus ITIL and PRINCE2 certifications and advanced degrees in Geography and Business Research.

Currently I run the geospatial support operations at a major UK research organisation, providing a variety of services:

I am now looking for a new senior role, preferably related to geospatial or IT services, customer facing and with decent development opportunities. Although I like working in my current sector, I would consider an opportunity in any industry as long as it is new and exciting. In terms of location I am flexible, preferably within EMEA (I speak English, native German, Spanish).

If you know about a suitable opportunity please contact me at

Thank you.

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